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Sally Louise

"Sally is patient, flexible, and kind, and works hard to make sure that the way she teaches fits her students' learning style.... Through lessons with her, I've expanded my vocal range, become a stronger singer, and gained a confidence in my voice that I didn't know was possible."
I'm here to help! As a professional singer with 13+ years experience as an opera singer and folk musician, I enjoy teaching students how to cultivate their musical abilities and reach their full potential.

All styles and abilities welcome!  Teens and adults 12 yrs.+ !


- Jann Uy

Sally is very good at teaching the technical and mental aspects of singing, and I feel much more comfortable with my voice both in the studio and on stage from working with her.

Justin Montione

I took a single voice lesson with Sally back in September and my voice has never been better!  Wanna hit those high notes with power? Take some lessons! Support local musicians!

Jackson Cavalier

"Sally is a very patient, focused and energetic teacher! She helped me gain confidence in my singing and taught me to write music that brings out the best in my voice."

Jordan Rabinowitz


My name is Sally Louise

I'm an opera singer turned indie folk singer-songwriter.  As a kid, I took piano, violin, and guitar lessons, but I liked none as much as singing!  Ever since that first voice lesson, singing has been my passion and joy to share with as many people as possible.

Interested in taking your first lesson together? 

Email me at

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of consistent voice lessons?

Singing is proven to ease your nervous system, strengthen your neural function and longevity, and improve your core strength.  In addition to the physical effects, every single student has experienced an increase in confidence when it comes to singing or speaking in public.  Some students may become the next Pavarotti, and others simply wish to sing better in the shower, but all students will notice significant positive changes in the way they approach the world with their voice.

What is your teaching method?

I believe learning classical technique is the best foundation for any genre, style, or musical goal.  Through classical training, students maintain their vocal health and longevity, and are able to gain full emotional and technical command of their instrument no matter what genre they're singing.  At any time, students are working on one classical piece and at least one song of their choosing from any genre. 

What does a typical lesson look like?

Each lesson looks different depending on what goals the student has.  On average, lessons begin by discussing what the student worked on and noticed in their practicing since the last lesson.  Then we warmup and decide what we want to accomplish during the lesson before diving right in!

Am I too old/young to take lessons?

No one is too old to take lessons!  However, I prefer to work with students who are at least 12 years old (with some exceptions depending on their musical experience).  

Do I need to know how to read music or play an instrument?

Although it is not required, it is helpful if you already know how to read music or have some experience playing an instrument.  For voice lessons, there is no need to know how to play an instrument.  For songwriting lessons, it is preferable to have experience with an instrument.

Do you do virtual or in person lessons?

I mainly teach in-person lessons at my studio in Rochester, NY, however, I am beginning to open up my studio to virtual students from around the country.

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